Stylish Companion

Jun 24 , 2020

Derifix Leather

Stylish Companion

Derifix Lapis is a special accessory that offers versatile usage opportunities for women who are fond of freedom and love to walk and travel. Derifix Lapis can be used both as a waist bag and a backpack. Indispensable for traveling ladies; It is an original, solid, light, practical and stylish companion with its design.

Derifix Lapis is a work of art that is hand-crafted. No machine was used in any of the production stages. It was designed, stitched and painted by hand. Like all products of the Derifix brand, its raw material is natural leather. For this reason, it can be used easily in all seasons. It breathes with its natural structure, does not sweat, is waterproof and odorless It doesn’t cause allergies or contain carcinogenic substances and even doesn’t harm your skin and clothes.

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